RuDong Wind Farm Project

The Farsighted Group is the largest privately owned renewable energy enterprise in China and is also one of the earliest private companies conducting wind projects development. In 2003, Farsighted Group won the international bidding and gained the Rudong wind farm, the currently largest one in China.

This 100MW wind farm is the first wind power concession-tendering project held by the National Development Reform Commission. The construction of this project commenced from the March of 2005 and the first units are planned to generate electricity at the end of 2006.

To optimize our capital structure in this project, Farsighted Group is planning to sell its 25% to 49% equity interest to other strategic partners. Please contact us if you are interested. (Read More)


Unipower Incorporation, a Texas registered company, is the U.S. headquarter of Farsighted Group, the largest privately owned renewable energy enterprise in China.

Located in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex - one of the most important business centers in North America in energy business, Unipower Inc.'s business is to focus on introducing Farsighted Group to, and developing relationship with U.S. and world partners.

Address: 501 Industrial Dr. #101 Richardson TX 75081