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Jiangsu Rudong Wind Park



Jiangsu Rudong wind farm was approved to build by 'Jiangsu Rudong wind farm Concession Right Model Projects' of State Development Planning Commission. The site of project is in Rudong County in JiangSu Province, with the installed capacity 100MW, 50 suits of 2MW OptiTip wind power generators from VESTAS of Denmark. Concessionary building term is 25 years including construction period.


Wind Resource

Rudong County, located in the inshore area of Nantong City in Jiangsu Province, has an abundant wind resource by the influence of Winter-Summer wind. The site of project is along Lingyang area 、 Yangbei area to Huangang area beside the Yellow Sea. This place is on the coast of Yellow Sea. Its general direction presents from Northwest to Southeast, in the east, it faces to Yellow Sea, connects JiangHuai Plain in the west, and belongs to temperate zone and subtropics. If divided by wind type, it is a middle-stage III wind farm along Yellow Sea in Summer-Spring terms.

Rudong Wind Farm’s average wind speed is 7.19m/s in 70 years calculated at the height of 70m. Utilization hours of wind velocity (3.5~ 25m/s) every year are 7712 hours. Wind power density is 381W/sq.m, and wind energy density is 3325kW.h/sq.m, Parameters of Weibull distribution of wind frequency: K=2.3,A=7.99, turbulence intensity of wind farm IT=8.785%. No disaster wind phenomena.

According to the synthetic analysis in wind power density, Rudong Wind Farm belongs to stage III wind farm, valuable to be exploited.


The Selection of Wind Farm Site

According to the files of inviting bidding, the present project’s site was selected at LingYang area 、 YangBei area and HuanGang area along BeiLingXinZha ~YangKou WaiZha~JueJianZha. After the optimal selection of address, concentrated distribution scheme of wind turbines is carried out, build a 100MW wind farm at YangBei area, with a parallel and intercross distribution of wind turbines, the distance between each other is 5 times of rotor diameter.


Type selection and distribution of Wind Turbine

According to the files of inviting bidding of JiangSu Rudong Concession Right Project: The total scale of the project is 100MW, the localized rate of the wind turbine should beyond 50%. The recommended wind turbine adopts regulating mechanism by adjusting the pitch of blade.

Rudong Wind Farm has a 100MW installed capacity, its distribution of wind turbines is according to the landform and transportation facilities in order that could reduce the construction work of road, the distance between wind turbines is five times of rotor diameter, and the distribution mode of the turbines is intercrossing. It could raise the efficiency of wind farm as much as 94%. The distance between 80 suits of wind turbines, every one of which is 1250kW, is 330m. Row distance is 330m.


Influence Evaluation of Environmen

Wind power is a part of clean power industry, clean fuel is used after the completion, the polluted water and solid material will dispose assembly, no letting out directly, it has no pollution and damage to the surrounding, furthermore, there are no departments and residents around the wind farm, the noise made by the wind turbines has little influence on the around place 200 meters away.


Financial Evaluation

30000 hours is the critical point for the electricity price, within 30000 hours, the power grid price is 0.4365RMB/kW.h, beyond 30000 hours the price is equal to the average electricity price of JiangSu province.

The full loaded available hours of this project is 2191 hours per year.


CDM (Clean development Mechanism)

The National Development Reform Commission has approved the CDM of this project in October of 2005.


The Plan of Project

According to the inviting bidding files, The Concession Right periods of JiangSu Rudong Wind Farm are 25 years calculating from the signature of the Concession Right Contract (including 3 years’ construction). At present, the protocol of Concession Right and Contract of Purchase & sale have already been signed, and the registration of the project company has been completed. The Report of feasibility research has been reported to the State development Planning Commission for the approval, this project would be started at the later half of the 2004, first group of 17 wind turbines will generate in September of 2006, the second group of 17 wind turbines of wind turbines will be installed at the end of the 2006, and whole project will completed in March of 2007.


The Owner of Project

(1) Title

JiangSu Unipower Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd.

(2) Registration Time

This Chinese and Foreign investment Company Approved by The State Commercial Ministry on 30 th, March 2004(Commercial Qualification [2004] 358), registered in The State Industry and Commercial Manager Bureau (awarded number [2004] 52)

(3)Operating terms: 25 years

The stockholders of the project owner are Hanergy Holding Group Co., LTD and its subsidiary company Europe China Power B.V. and Unipower Wind Power Investment Co., LTD.

The Hanergy Holding Group was established in 1991. This Group has the project portfolio as follows.

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Hydropower station under construction:

JingAn Bridge hydropower station, the installed capacity is 2500MW, the project has been started in August in 2003,total investment is 9.9 billion yuan, and installed capacity is 1600MW.

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